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The work education camp
Lahde 1943-1945

– Research. Visualization of the infrastructure –

Als englische Fassung für unsere ausländischen Gäste:
Das Arbeitserziehungslager (AEL) Lahde
– eine Recherche und Visualisierung der damaligen Infrastruktur –

Erstellt: 2022
Verfasst: Jürgen Nahrwold in Abstimmung mit Hermann Kleinebenne
Übersetzung: Hermann Kleinebenne, Michael Schwier

There is also a dark chapter in the local history of the Lahde village, and it`s hard painful to remember that – the work education camp during the Nazi period!

According to the definition at that time the camp in Lahde was not of the kind of a concentration camp. Nevertheless nearly 800 prisoners lost their lives during the 22 months of its existence. Statistically this means more than one dead prisoner a day. This is a thought which prompts one reflexively to suppress this difficult topic.

Nonetheless, in the face of the terror which this dark period causes in our brains, we must not forget that we owe a part of our prosperity to these prisoners. How would Lahde have developed without the present barrage together with the lock canal and the power station? For these projects the prisoners have contributed their part – against their own will. [ . . . ]

In August 2022 a new method of remembrance culture was implemented on the former camp site. By geodata numerous members of the volunteer fire department of Lahde marked the boundaries of the complete site, the former camp buildings, the air raid shelter, and the vegetable waste pits with tracking tape strips in three days. This project gave an idea of the former buildings and their completely new face

On the following day and under the auspices of the urban mayor Dirk Breves the cultural association of Lahde organized a guided tour for visitors on the camp site, where the essential features of the elements were explained and illustrated by archival material on 17 stations. [ . . . ]

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